Now track egg sales and expenses in FlockPlenty for iOS

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Do you know how much you’re spending on feed for your chickens and how much you are making in sales? We listened to your feedback and FlockPlenty for iOS now makes it super simple to track how many eggs you get each day and how much you are spending on feed and other expenses. See your profits and costs per dozen eggs at a glance.

Accounting summary

See a summary of your sales and expenses at a glance.

Expense tracking

Easily record expenses and sales on the go. Attach notes and photos to capture all the details.

In addition, you can now easily transfer your data between your applications. We added CSV import and export to FlockPlenty so you can import your old records and export your data to Quickbooks, Excel, or other spreadsheets.

Try out the new FlockPlenty now. Sales and expense tracking is available for $4.99 under the Accounting tab. Let us know what you’d like to see next!

Founder, Farmplenty

P.S. Yes I know that Scratch and Peck feed is expensive, but I love that it’s less processed and is grown sustainably. My chickens love it too! We all know it’s not just about the number of eggs. The health of your flock and quality of your eggs are just as important.

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